Thursday, November 20, 2008

Your high maintenence hosteler

I've just returned from a few days of camping up north of Auckland at the Kai Iwi Lakes. The weather was hit and miss, but overall decent (meaning I wasn't totally freezing my butt off). I did spend one day sleeping in the tent... the second day. I suppose the 3 week long sinus/chest cold along with staying up till the butt crack of dawn contributed to that somewhat. I think I might still need a parent to tell me when enough is enough. Or maybe a reverse alarm. When it goes off, I should run to bed. It was a good time anyway. Nice to hang out with students when they are no longer my students and some are now my colleagues! It's a good feeling.

This afternoon, I settled into my hostel in Auckland, just across from Mt Eden. Grace dropped me off. We got some strange looks as we hauled in my two large duffel bags, one large backpack and a few various small bags. It was befitting to my name, Sara (it means "princess" in Hebrew).

Tonight I met Ursula for coffee after having just lounged around the rest of the day. I'm just planning to lay in the grass and enjoy myself these last few days and get a few things sorted out for the Asia trip.

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