Saturday, March 31, 2012

[contemplating exits]

i spent the day wandering & wondering, 
around town, in my journal, through my head

leaves me stunned 
stiff and confused
about how to feel

Monday, March 26, 2012

[Work Ethics]

Life is a sprint to the end.
Take a break,
And prepare for the inquisition.
Explain all gaps.
Destroy your free time.
Tear it up, lest your cells become lazy.
Chase that dollar around the block,
Missing the joy you passed along the way,
Tripping over yourself and others to get to the top.
What the hell for?
This is the American dream.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Searching for dreams + [Raleigh II]

dreams bleed into reality
i will wear my heart on my sleeve
trusting in the universe

[virginia beach ~ 20 march 2012]

Raleigh II

back at cuppa joe, 
a man carries his things in a crate
 inside? outside? 
where is the edge of anything?
 burgers from the olden days 
(no, i didn't have one) 
 at 1am on st. patty's day- 
the 50s never unstylish.
 hipsters come in all ages
 and shoe types 
 waiting for raleigh buses.
 lunching at the north carolina museum of art
 it's hard to breathe when i am so happy
admidst glittery paintings
& lines of light
& cement faces 
& stone men from france
 reflecting in the pool.
 man parts shining,
look up- glowing godlike faces of rodin.
 fuquay varina, nc
where we picked up a dream and a hope
 and some southern tummy fillers.
 back in virginia beach behind my work
 i always appreciate contrasts in life 
 & sometimes find beauty behind bars.

Monday, March 12, 2012

[letting light shine in]

Sometimes it's hard
Not to be afraid
Snaking down the coast
Colors streaming across the sky
I near the little white cottage 
With night lights seeping 
Out the windows
In the doorway 
We meet eyes
It's been a couple weeks
Eternity in love
Time tricks
But light shines brightly
Between us

Thursday, March 8, 2012

[life motto]

i live for music and art and words.
oh yeah and a good crazy partner 
who wants to rip my panties off. 
the rest is filler.

Roadtripping: Chincoteague Island,VA 

road signs are different here
 cars are different here

 they had coffee for $0.50

 but the pong was $75

on the side of the road where i wondered if i was going to get shot 

driving into chincoteague island 

 these guys were on their way, like me



they were not open... ;( not much was
i find vinyl stores everywhere these days
very old library on the right

Berlin, MD 

 on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel
 Berlin Coffeehouse
Atlantic Hotel, Berlin, MD 

 boardwalk, Ocean City, MD
 since Delaware was only 5 miles away, I decided to visit

heading home, the sky was falling... good thing i like rain 
chesapeake bay bridge