Saturday, November 15, 2008

New occupation: Nomad

I'm thriving in my joblessness, all two days of it. I walked around in the sunshine today, having a coffee, reading the Sunday paper, getting a few items for my trip. Every once in a while the thought pops into my head, "You're unemployed." Then I laugh. What freedom. What whimsy! "I'll have to watch my finances," I think. But my mom raised us right and we all save even if we're not trying.

The last few days have been a flourish of activity, with barbeques, parties, coffees and the packing up of my miniature household in the midst of it all. Tomorrow is move-out day and I'm off to camp with my students (I mean colleagues!) for a few days up north by a lake. When I return to Auckland, I'll have about days to relax before I fly off to Thailand.

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