Saturday, November 22, 2008

Final days, cont.

I'm writing like crazy because I feel like I won't be able to write as much very soon... and it's been a pretty exciting two weeks.

Last night, I met friends for dancing downtown. I'd found stick-on mustaches (thanks to Molly & Josh's visit) and silver glitter in the cleaning of my flat, so stuffed them in my purse and headed out on the town. We bounced on the dance floor until 3AM, at which time I hopped in a taxi after hugging everyone goodbye. It's good to have a return ticket to New Zealand because nothing feels final. I don't know where my life is headed (who does?) but I feel like it goes in circles in a good way, and nothing is really the end. (Until you die, and even then I'm not sure.)

I've been enjoying the hostel life for the last few days. It's been a good transition as I prepare to be a nomad long-term. A few overly friendly hostel guys remind me that I should be friendly, but watch myself. My roommates have all been sweet as: French surfer dude with dreads, a Czech skateboarder boy, a red-headed Aussie girl picking up her sister.

I must have a very bright aura surrounding me as people have been overly friendly for the last two weeks especially, even perfect strangers. However, this could be that leaving thing again and the fact that I have a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye all hours of the day.

My goals for the next section of life are simple:
To sleep without earplugs
To eat no packaged food
To laugh every day

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