Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Thoughts during the exam of an unnamed student

It seems rather apparent to me that the main issues remaining to be sorted out by students are communication-related. You cannot teach human interest or empathy- and this is what will separate the rising stars from those who will simple practice optometry as a job.

Very few students actually listen to their patients. This one is treating the patient like a subject to be dealt with rather than a human being. Is this just a small window of a larger issue in society? That people don't take the time to make connections with each other as human beings?

OK Preti's point (see comments) is well taken that in an exam setting I should give them slack for the nervous unnatural setting that they are in... I'm very sorry---


Anonymous said...

I completly agree with what you said Dr Schultz. But sometimes, we dont have time to make those human connections...and u knw why ? coz the clock is ticking and we have to get through the eye exam in 75 mins. And with someone watching us over, that time I m not even connected to myself, leave alone forming human connections.
I was feeling bad about this too, that we are treating patients as subjects on which we have to do some procedures and then hope we passed!
But dont worry, I wont let you down, once I am out of this pass-fail loop of university, I am gonna treat every patient I see with empathy and as a person (not a subject for my procedures). I am just gonna vert their existing prescription (with an automatic vertometer of course) and then refine it. That way I m gonna save time on ret and subjective and that saved time will be spent on forming human connections :)

All the best with whatever you do next. Have fun in SE Asia.

Keep blogging, coz that way we will know what you are up to :)

Take care,

sara said...

Hey honey,

Thanks for the post. :) Maybe I should not have said that. You are definitely right about the time issue and having someone watch over you like hawk is not conducive to happy chatter! I do think that you guys are an amazing group of people--- all so different from each other. I know you have a good soul- and your classmates too. I mean that.

The real world is SO different from university. I am really proud of you all. Honestly.