Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grand Tour - Crater Lake Road Trip

Last week we headed away, plan-less into the southern Oregon wilderness (and towns). Tents and supplies and blow-up paddle boards filled the back end of the Mini. We meandered and found our way, discovering we liked laying in a freezing cold river, and meeting cool people along our way. No plans and not one night did we have difficulty securing a campsite. 

Back in town, we're hit with real life. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to return to the wild and not chase these dreams we chase in society. I'm starting five days a week this Saturday, and will have something like a Sunday and a Thursday off until I decide not to do this. I finally felt that I was too poor not to accept more work, even if I am working two days to earn the same amount I earn one day at Costco. It is still money. And I don't need this many days off.

Justin is scheduled go to home August 8th and I am hoping to get home for about eleven days in September (working on dates right now). We are just waiting to see how things fall into place. Lots of things up in the air. I think all of us (Carrie included) would like to forward a few months to see when life is a little more stable, but you can't wish your life forward. 

 Diamond Lake, OR

 The tree I loved at Crater Lake.
The Pinnacles at Crater Lake (made from ashes) 

 Crater Lake

 The Ranger who actually gave a great talk.

 Charlie on the Des Chutes River

 Bend, OR
 Bend, OR

 Our Set up.

We had a run in with a rock.  
 Oops, a rock! 
Sisters, OR 

Detroit Lake, OR 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Oregon Country Fair

Oregon Country Fair 

(in Veneta, near Eugene, Oregon- about 2.5 hours south of Portland)

After a busy week of extra work, and continued house hunting, we packed up the car and headed south to Oregon Country Fair, an event which originated in 1969 as "The Renaissance Fair". I'd been about seven years ago, and forgot that a lot of people dressed up to attend the fair. I wish I would have remembered because we're always looking for an excuse to dress up. 

The fair is situated in the woods, a bunch of dirt paths leading through the trees, with vendors pushing carts, solar panels, music and arts. It was everything we were hoping for- which was mostly a day of relaxing and people watching under the trees. 

Going home! We camped in Eugene on Sunday night.