Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rioting Protesters close Bangkok Airport

Not kidding! (I linked the article above on the title.)

"International flights to and from Thailand's main airport were halted last night after rampaging anti-government protesters surged through police cordons and stormed the sprawling terminal."

I am fine. I'm sitting in an internet cafe in Bangkok without any shoes on; ate fried rice and coffee for breakfast. All the flights incoming after mine were diverted or cancelled. I took a taximeter to the hostel and everything was good.

I'm planning to head south towards the beaches and out of Bangkok in a couple days, as Carrie wants to see the city when she arrives.

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auntie verdle said...

Thank goodness! Ross left a message on your cell phone - he was very worried about you:). I was merely concerned that you would get stuck in the airport for a long while.
Have fun and keep us posted. Fried rice for breakfast sounds cheap, right? Way to go.
love, auntie verdle