Saturday, December 29, 2007

Home for the holidays

I walked outside the Grand Forks airport and was greeted with swirling fresh snow under the parking lot lights and chilly air. Mountains of snow piles indicated that it was not the first snowfall of the season. I was excited. Finally a white christmas and cold weather.

Molly, Josh and Mom picked me up in the tan Impala as the ancient ATA security man rushed us off away from the entrance. The traffic situation in Grand Forks, ND must be monitored at all times lest it get out of control. All those folks in North Dakota- I heard that it is even gaining population. The two states who are now losing population are Michigan and Rhode Island. Yay North Dakota!

Over the holidays (all 3.5 days that I was able to get off from work) I saw 21 relatives, 3 different towns and drove piles of miles. We went sledding and cross country skiing. I managed not to injure myself. (Good thing my mom reminded me I'm not 18 anymore, or I would have been standing on my sled down the hill.)

One day I thought I would walk from Gortman's to Michael's (two different stores in Grand Forks about 1-2 blocks apart) and had to warm up two times and stop for coffee to make it. It was so windy, I ended up with coffee on my coat and near frost-bitten fingers. I decided I was not moving back to Grand Forks any time soon.

There is nothing like Christmas in Minnesota with my family. I'm glad this year I got back before the move to Auckland. Who knows when I'll be able to see everyone like that again. If only I could get there without the joys of holiday travel - at least one of my four flights wasn't delayed!

In other notes, I cleaned out my desk yesterday. One more day of work. I actually felt fine about it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodbye Jetta.

For the first time since I was 16, I have no car. It just left this morning with a nice kid who likes snowboarding. I'd have thought I might have some feelings of sadness, but so far, it's nice. Only that I have to go to the bank on foot now to deposit my money. It's kind of exciting to have only myself or public transport to get around.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Day 4 of homelessness

So far, I'm liking homelessness- spent the first night on Matt and Felicity's couch. Then to Carrie's house since. The lack of responsibility is the best feeling. I just wander through town, doing whatever, nothing on the agenda, since I have all my ducks in order for New Zealand. What freedom.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Garage Sales

I sold a pile of belongings this weekend. My first garage sale of my own had to be held in my front rooms, since I have no garage available to fill with tables. It's very nice to have less stuff. Everything is in my 5'x7' storage unit in my basement
(it's not even full). The strangest thing was when I bagged up my orange bike and stuck it in there. It just felt final.

I woke up this morning in my down mummy bag on Aaron's old mattress in the living room and thought, I'm really moving to New Zealand. As if the empty house wasn't sign enough before the sleeping bag. By the way, the sleeping bag is awesome in the house.

Only 3 more days in my house... strange. I brought in the recycling bins for the last time.

It's cold and raining here.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Calming the nerves...

Today I emptied the contents of my house. I started this morning with a bed and a couch and chairs. Now I am sitting on the floor in my living room, contemplating the next thing to do. I thought it might be fun to sleep down here. On the floor. Maybe in a sleeping bag. That would get me ready for what might be to come, or for anything, maybe. Two days ago I was in the shower and I realized that I only had two weeks to pack up the entire house. Not a lot of time. So I got nervous and posted everything on Craig's List. Like magic, my nerves were calmed!

Now just have to sell my car and other miscellaneous belongings. How strange.

I wonder if Craig's list makes the world a better place. Most of the folks are so nice, helps to reinforce the goodness of humanity.

Well. That is all for now. At the rate I'm going, the next post will be when I'm forty!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The winner is... "Lord of the Rings"

Ok, I just logged on after a bizillion days since the last time!

The plan is rolling... Work in New Zealand for one year, with the possibility of renewing for a second year. I'll be advising and teaching optometry students at the university in Auckland. I've gotten so used to it that it seems normal to be moving there now.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

get ready for this!! (cue music)

I took a quiz and I was given the title inspired adventurer. I thought, I would like to call myself that, sounds perfectly agreeable. When 2007 started, I declared (after a certain feeling) that this would be the year for change. I have been patiently waiting and actively seeking out leads that appear to be a possibility... Trip to New Mexico, job interview in Northern Washington... and now have a few other things up my sleeve, just waiting for the ship to come in...

I expect that I will have some sort of adventure to document here for my crazy enjoyment and yours... so stay tuned!