Saturday, November 29, 2008

Phetchburi II

"She was the sort of curious child... who is transformed by school. These children become adults too soon, but seemingly happy ones, and content." - Kaye Gibbons, Charms for the Easy Life

That quote suits me. I just finished my third book of the trip. I could get used to this life of leisure.

This morning, I woke up at 7:10AM. Still have not used earplugs, despite the loud traffic outside my room that starts at about 5-something. After packing up my little bag, I started wandering through town passing street food vendors, parents driving their kids to work on scooters, and general hustle. People smiled and helloed as I walked by.

At 9:30, I met up with Ben and Steph (the UK couple) in our hotel restaurant for breakfast before we headed off to the caves north of town where they'd built a giant Buddha underground. After looking around, we parked ourselves on some benches in the cave to read, and I fell asleep, dreaming quickly. I wonder how it is that I can sleep anywhere now, where I used to never be like this. I guess it is a new talent of mine, along with living out of a mini bag.

I fear this lifestyle of wandering could be corrupting me for life. The enjoyment of waking without a plan or urgency to get certain things done is so freeing and not knowing the end to this adventure. It's like having a blank journal each day. I love it.

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