Sunday, March 14, 2010

Training plan

I've finally decided I would commit to a plan. Ok so it might have been helpful to do this earlier on, but... I am sort of a half-assed planner. I plan, but I like flying by the seat of my pants.

It goes something like this:
Mon: spinning class, stretching
Tues: med paced run, stretching
Wed: spinning class, stretching
Thur: long run (aka death night), stretching
Fri: weights, yoga, stretching
Sat: army training
Sun: weights, yoga, stretching
(Rest can be any of the days that I feel like I've done enough. But I like going to the gym, so...)

I've decided if I'm working for the army, I want to qualify with 100s on my fitness test for my sex and age group. That means 2 miles in 15:54, which I almost did today (I included three minutes of slower running as a warm-up, so didn't quite make the mark.) 76 sit-ups, which I SUCK AT, and 45 push-ups, which I will think will be doable fairly soon. The sit-ups and push-ups have to be done in two minutes. I have a lot of work to do.

They're having this weigh-in weight loss challenge through our clinic which starts next week and ends June 14th. Everyone seems to be signed up, so I figured I should join the club. Then all the girls will go to spinning with me! By the way, getting in shape post-30, sucks the big one!! :) But I keep trying.

I'm also sick of winter. I want to run outside. I woke up this morning and seriously wondered what that white stuff was still doing outside my window. Go away, snow!

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