Monday, March 29, 2010

Rovinj, Croatia

Crazy bridge pics: when you try to make your sis quickly get a photo while you are shooting over a superlong high bridge.

She missed and zoomed in on the window. Nice German sticker.

What I took while driving. Safe, yes?

Finally, arrival in Rovinj, Croatia.

I think resting after national-lampooning it into town. We did about 8 times around the round about and then tried to park in the wrong area. Were directed by the parking guys where to go. Everyone in this town spoke Deutsch to us. :) Probably saw us driving in circles on the way in!

The waterfront of Rovinj.

Okay guess? Harbour.

A local delicacy, the Brevek I think. We bought them and the lady again said everything in German to us. Very funny.

The rest of these are back streets. All cobblestone, almost seemed polished. I was afraid that I was going to sprain my ankle, being the clumsy sort. Of course also thought how they wouldn't be good streets to chase robbers down. No siree. Luckily Carrie and I appeared to be nearly the only tourists in town.

Church at the top of the hill.

We sort of got lost returning home but it was okay. We needed the exercise.

Hey look, it's my butt! :)

And Carrie's shoe.

Leaving town now...

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Ross said...

Oooohhhhh - I want to be in the Mini with you - love the blue Italian skies - and the slow pace of ?Croatia - have fun - I think you are! Appears too quiet to have robbers and that's good.
love, auntie dj