Sunday, March 7, 2010

I was robbed

I have no wallet, camera, phone, or journal.

This is the first time something bad has happened in 40 countries of travel.

It happened when we were walking home from the restaurant last night.

Someone tried to rob us again while we were walking to the police station to report it.

Fortunately my passport was at home, and my car key was not in there either.

I won´t be back to Spain.

I am sort of speechless, but I figured this would happen sooner or later with the amount of travels I have done.

As they say, it could have always been worse.

Perhaps I will write more another day.


geekdave said...

CRAP, that really sucks! Things can be replaced. Glad that you are okay to write about it.

Lourdes said...

That is absolutely horrible. I am so glad that you are physically okay. I am crossing Spain off my list of places to travel.

Sara said...

Thanks guys... I'm home now. Everyone's been really nice, but I guess there's already been fishing attempts at my bank in ND. :( I am hoping to stop identity theft next.

I hate that some people are evil.