Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trieste afternoon

On the way to Croatia, we stopped in Trieste, Italy, which is a quiet seaside town.

Driving into town, Carrie and I were happy we packed our Depends. Cobblestone streets, parked cars, meeting cars on these mini roads, steep cliff grade, what else? Mirrors to get around corners.

A sweet resting Italian couple.

Big bad Italy.

I get the feeling they think Germans are tacky!

We accidentally wore matching outfits. Just like old times.
Free food which came with our drinks. No complaints here.


Anonymous said...

Just for the sake of good order, concerning the flower-shop owned by family German:

Like all stories that are respected, even those of "family German's flower shop" arose by chance. Martino German's great-grandfather, who founded the firm in 1897, was not to start his business as flower-seller in Trieste, at that time the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but had to sail for America (so the story goes). Instead, once he arrived in town, he immediately seized the potential of the place and, just back from studies in Vienna and with a remarkable entrepreneurial spirit, he laid the foundation of the company German.
So, neither the German people nor "tucky" has much to do with it!

Sara Schultz said...

Dear German relative,

Thank you for the kind history and clarification! Very interesting to know. We loved Trieste.

Sara and Carrie