Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From "Fugitive Places" by Anne Michaels

"We must carry each other. If we don't have this, what are we? The spirit in the body is like wine in a glass; when it spills, it seeps into air and earth and light... It's a mistake to think it's the small things we control and not the large, it's the other way around! We can't stop the small accident, the tiny detail that conspires into fate: the extra moment you run back for something forgotten, a moment that saves you from an accident- or causes one. But we can assert the largest order, the large human values daily, the only order large enough to see."

It's a book about a Jewish boy, Jakob, who survives WW2 hiding in a wall, though his family dies, is saved by a Greek man, Athos, and ferried off to an island off Greece, and his life that follows. I've only just begun, but already deeply intrigued.

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