Tuesday, March 16, 2010

These boots were made for walking... and more

I decided last night that I should really break out my maroon boots with buckles down one side that Carrie cajoled me into buying while I was back in Portland the last time. They were on the sale rack on the second floor of Shoe PedX. They look like Carrie. They're actually comfortable.

My internet decided to pull a fit on me yesterday and stopped. After one whole day without internet and a failed attempt by a friend to fix it, I got up this morning and booted and rebooted my computer, uninstalled and reinstalled my software. Rebooted again. And Voila! It was fixed. I felt happy. I knew this was a good omen for the day.

Off to work.

I ran into my assistant in the parking lot. "You have sexy legs! Those are great boots." Compliments from a woman are the best. (No dirty undertones!)

Next I'm seeing a patient, who decides to ask me, "How long have you been a doctor?" and "When did you graduate from high school?" I said, "I'm six years older than you." Patient: "What do you like to do in your free time?" (More than once.) Oh no. Oh yes. Next thing you know, he's trying to ask me out. Later he tells my other assisstant, "I tried to ask your friend out. She said no." Assistant: "Where's your wife?" Patient: "Oh, we're separated." Really classy. Thanks to him, we all got a good ab workout.

I decided after all that I should run at lunch. Eight miles. It was easy. I feel accomplished that anything under ten miles seems like a cake walk.

After an uneventful afternoon, I went home with jumper cables in the passenger seat.

The Hooptie was dead. And I was going to fix it.

In my boots.

Ok, so I almost did it by myself. Luckily, Ernst and a neighbour man were out and helped me a little, pressing the gas down in the mini and checking connections. After about two and a half months of not starting the Hooptie (it was unidentifiable as a car- so covered in snow), the battery was a wee bit dead.

But we got it going and I took it into town for a little gas. Returned home and finally removed my boots.

My, I feel like I accomplished a lot! What will tomorrow bring?


Anonymous said...

If I had purple boots I could have caught the thief in Barcelona - I knew it was my shoes!!
love, auntie dj

lourdes said...

A good pair of shoes can fix anything. That's what my sister always says. :)

Sara Schultz said...

Ya I think I figured out what a survival kit should contain: boots and a short skirt. You don't need any tools! :) Heh.