Saturday, March 13, 2010

Officially registered

For my second marathon.

I figured, why not today, after I finished up the 17.2 miles the other day. And on #$%% treadmill, no less. Which is sort of the devil reincarnated of running long distances.

New goal is to run one marathon per age year of life... so I have to get this one in before June, 0r else my record of one marathon will be broken and I'll have to start over! God knows, a stretch of one should not be broken.

In other news, apparently Kevin Costner has a band and he is playing at Graf Army Post next weekend. I'm frightened about this, but also curious. Perhaps I'll dig out my Giant SLR camera and get some shots. If I can make myself go. I can't help but think that if he's playing at an army post, they're probably not the next Pearl Jam. Darn it! But still, to see him would be another funny story to add to my book of life. And that what it's all about.


More Than A Kevin Costner Fan said...

Yes, please go and get pictures! Is that the 20th that he's playing at the Army Post? It's not on their tour schedule.

Candy said...

do you by any chance know if the concert is accessable by German civilians? probably a long shot but I'd love to go.. thx. candy.

Sara Schultz said...

Hey Candy, you'd have to have a military person take you. :(

Candy said...

thanks, Sara. too bad, I kinda thought so.. :/ hope you get to go and have a good time. :) c.