Saturday, February 27, 2010

The morning after a 14 mile run

Finding a new Runner's World in my CMR (Community Mail Room) box is akin receiving a prize in the mail. I've been getting Runner's World magazine again for the last four months. It's one of the few magazines I read cover to cover, over several days time, savoring the words. For a thin magazine, there's lots inside.

I feel a little like an impostor as I read it, soaking up the tips, reading human interest stories of world-class athletes and new runners. I've never thought of myself as athletic. I think I'm smart, I'm capable, but I'm not athletic. It's been the least of my abilities in my life.

Today I was thinking I should think differently. I've always loved running and biking, even if I was really never much of an athlete in say, high school, which of course is the prime of one's life, right? Not mine.

The sun is out, the snow is melting and all I've been thinking about the last few days is how I can't wait to get my bike out again. I even had a dream with my orange bike in it last night.

So I think I'll try to retrain my psyche this year. I'm going to decide that I am athletic. I have strong legs. I can carry myself on through all sorts of exhaustion and pain. And though I might try another marathon, with a time goal of 4 hours 30 minutes-ish, which is nothing special, it is special to me. I'll be running in Prague on May 9th. And perhaps Venice in October, depending. And very soon, I expect to be bike-commuting to work. At six miles each way, that's really nothing.

Here's to spring!

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Dee J. said...

We'll be cheering you on - we will be on the train from Prague to Krakow!...maybe if we can figure out the Czech-Poland train schedule. You go girl!
love, auntie dj