Thursday, October 15, 2009

T 56 hours and counting...

I've gotten a plethora of emails with military-speak. The latest was "Please proceed to the nearest RAPIDS for your CAC issuance." An assortment of abbreviated instructions followed. I'm not certain if I should be proceeding to the RAPIDS in Portland or the RAPIDS in Germany. All I know is that I am heading for the RAPIDS.

Which brings me to my next concern, "Am I smart enough to remember all these acronyms?" Really. I was always a good reasoner, good at math, whatnot, understanding other points of views, but memorizing. No, I was complete Shite at that. If my career were based on memorizing, I'd have to go and sleep under the bridge. So luckily up until now, I've not been required to be a memorizing fool. At least if I am in Europe, I can pick the Ponte Vecchio to sleep under. That makes me feel better.

Yesterday, I received an email welcoming me to Vilseck base from the major who's in charge of new civilians. She's sending someone to pick me up at the airport in Nuremberg on Monday and then I've been instructed to get dropped off at my hotel. Tuesday morning, the major is going to pick me up at 7:30 and outfit me with all my necessary IDs and cards and introduce me to my new clinic.

For the my last two days on US soil, I'm snuggled in at Carrie's house once again. With Oatie in tow, the place is a sanctuary of free wifi happiness, albeit interrupted by various repairmen, as the furnace stopped (was clogged with algae) and one of the bathroom electrical circuits had a breaker trip in the attic. No wonder we couldn't figure that one out.

My new buyers are moved into my house and apparently delighted with the place. Praise the lord. I'm happy to be Sara-less-one-house. Soon to be Sara-with-no-houses, but that'll have to wait til spring.

Auf Weidersehen! Guten Nacht! Tchus bis morgen.

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