Thursday, October 22, 2009

The military... so far.

I'm having a great time in the military. Really. Granted I'm not IN the military, just immersed in the culture of it. Everyone's so nice. It's like a giant family. There's all colors of people. It's laid back. I laugh all the time. I got paid to walk around base and orient myself and go to the grocery store today. I took a class and test this morning and now have a temporary European driver's license- the official one'll be in the mail in about two weeks. Tried out the postal system today- US rates--- so easy. I got a military library account set up, which is good for all of Europe.

Yesterday, I met my techs and they're two black ladies- one about 30 and the other about 45 I'd guess-- both cool and helpful and asked, "coffee or tea" and what equipment I needed ordered. They said it's very laid back, "We listen to a lot of music back here." We'll see. I'm working with one other optometrist- Amber-something- (so our dept is all ladies) who I think is probably a newish grad. I'll only be seeing military and their families and contactors like myself also. All English- speakers. Currently the optometry department is housed in a portable building, as they've constructed a new one, which we're scheduled to move into in March 2010.

I decided against moving to the other pension. I was told the other place was a party place and I wouldn't get much sleep. So I am staying where I am where my bike is secure also. I've been scoping out cars- saw a cute (black inside and silver out) 1998 BMW 325i for 6,000 Euros, which is about $9,000 US or an adorable (black with camel leather) 2005 of the same for $17,000US. Any opinions, anyone? Then also a newish Ford Ka which is mini and gets kickin' gas mileage for 3400 euros. just have to keep my eyes peeled. I'm sure I'll figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you can drive, read and mail stuff! It sounds like your pretty place is better than the party place - if you want to party just go there. If I wasn't retired I would want a job like that. Things are falling into place quite quickly it seems.
Off to the Science Museum with Alex - would like to also be going to Stuttgart.
love, auntie dj

Jim said...

I think your should consider buying an Europen-spec turbo-diesel car - almost all European makes will have diesels available. Diesel fuel is cheaper in Europe (especially important when you travel and cannot use your coupons), the turbo diesels will be fast enough on the autobahn and they will get much better mileage than gas cars. A European-spec turbo-diesel Golf would be ideal. You will find many more hatchbacks in Europe - more practical than a trunk since you can fit your bike in back with the seats down - and many more manual transmissions - somewhat better on fuel and cheaper to buy initially. See ads in Stripes: Ford Mondeo Diesel, '05, Opel Corsa '08, VW Jetta TDI '02.

karen said...

Let hedonism combine with economy when shopping for a car. Driving should be a pleasure - not just a way of getting places.

Rick - using Karen's acct.