Tuesday, October 13, 2009

One down, one to go.

The last night in my house... (I had planned to drink myself into a stupor.)

Moving day: 13 Oktober 2009.

Some of the junk in my basement. Cripes!

Mom: your piano story went over so well- see the shipping order. Kathie is an industrious North Dakotan who is not afraid to set goals and acheive them.

There goes the piano. It's wrapped with paper and cardboard and shrinkwrap.

Hopefully the final fig suicide I ever have to see.

All my stuff. That part in the front is just their packing materials. And the whole container is for me. I should've gotten more things!
The movers and I were out of the house at 4:56PM. Buyers took official possession at 5:00PM. The other realtor came over to get the key and the title company called to say it recorded just before that. So tomorrow I will have a wire into my account. Perhaps travel money? Just kidding. You never know with me.
The saga of the sale was not without its hishs and lows, truly a tale to be told- as life is, most of the time. If it were all smooth sailing, how would we know when we were happy?
I find it slightly odd that I am moving to Germany in five days, but also I find it slightly normal. What does that mean? I do not know. I expected that I would have a feeling of glee or relief or something on my last walk-through, but I just felt flat. I am glad to be done with it.
(***=moronic computer issues)


Anonymous said...

Love the shipping information VIP! Glad you figured out the calendar and I see that you will be joining us in Prague and Salzburg - yippeeee.
love, auntie dj and unkie Ross

Josh and Molly said...

did you bring the horsey chair???

Sara J. Schultz said...

Of course I brought the horsey chair!! :) Buckin' bronco! That's me. Hee hee.