Monday, October 5, 2009

On going semi-veg: failure.

I recently decided that I'd try to switch to mostly (rather than strict) vegetarian. This was partly because I'm not a black and white person and also because I didn't want to flummox people when I came to visit. So I've had some fish and some meat recently. It's not going great. Suffice it to say, my digestive tract doesn't like me.

Then I read the NY Times today: E.Coli shows flaws in ground beef inspection. Watching the cows being hosed down prior to slaughter along with the interview of Stephanie who ended up paralyzed from tainted beef, didn't do anything to help me move away from vegetarianism. It's not the fear of having an e.coli infection myself, it's more of the actual process of getting meat to the table- the lack of regulation in the food industry and the treatment of the animals.

The last piece is that Carrie and I watched Food, Inc today at my favorite movie theater in the whole world, the Laurelhurst. The movie investigates the changes in the food industry in the last fifty years, the changing role of farmers and generally makes you think. It's not anything new to me, but if you haven't pondered where your meal is coming from lately, it's worth a watch.

I think I'll continue to be vegetarian, though lax it a little, so if I'm somewhere where there's meat being served, I won't alert my hosts of my dietary preferences, but I probably won't be eating much meat anytime soon.

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