Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rental agreements and Herbert

I met my new landlords last night- Helga and Ernst- the sweetest people ever. They have three kids- the oldest a boy, 40 lives in Switz (and works a bit in Vancouver, BC), then two girls, one 100km away and another 6km away with two boys, 9 & 12. My lease is 600 euros per month for everything but electric- 90 days notice to vacate but four weeks is ok if I don't know in advance. I pay 900 euros in deposit. The square footage is 100m2 (1076sq ft) with one and a half baths and laundry. I have a garage with a clicker to open it. It's the nicest place I've seen in a really long time- a palace. I have no responsibilities for snow removal or gardening. The owners are total dolls--- mostly speak German but I can understand them pretty well. I should be moving in about Dec 1. Update from my shippers stated that my container was due to dock Nov 23.

John (the current renter who's returning to Minnesota) had arranged a translator for me to go over the lease- one of his colleagues at work. We went to the grocery store on the way back to my place, bought a few things and got matching shoe cleaners (that you set on the floor). I got a hedgehog which I named Herbert and he got a duck. He said he came here because he wanted to help with the war effort but he is Left-leaning, so he felt this was what he could do.

Another day of interesting events. I'm still feeling overwhelmed with happiness.

Herbert and Me. Okay I may have lost my marble.


DAJ said...

Helga and Ernst - too cute for words - maybe someday you can get a picture of the three of you....and the outside of the house and garden area.
love, auntie dj

geekdave said...

Just curious, is that hedgehog shoe scrubber authentic German manufactured?

Sara J. Schultz said...

I'd hazard a guess. No. But I can check later. Who doesn't need a hedgehog shoe scrubber though? Really?