Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bicycle status update

So the owner didn't actually re-assemble my bike-in-a-box, he just took it out of the box and laid the parts on his garage floor.

I'd been warned today by the woman from Fort Yates, ND who was orienteering us that you have to watch out for German men- they try to do everything for women, so you have to stick up for yourself.

I went into the garage to see the state of my bicycle. The bike packers in Portland did an excellent job- nary a scratch. But I was surprised to see it in pieces on the floor. I hadn't wanted it out of the box. I wanted to see how it was packed so I could repeat the procedure myself if needed.

The husband came in wanting to help me, but I think he knew little about bicycles. If it would have been up to him, I would have had a damaged front carbon fork, unattached front tire and bike fenders which were bent beyond repair. The front fender was touching the wheel, so he wanted to hand-bend the metal bands which positioned it rather than figuring out how it should really go on. Luckily I stuck to my guns and didn't allow him to, though two times he had the piece in his hands trying to bend it.

The bike was reassembled. I was pondering what to do next.

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