Thursday, October 8, 2009

The next 10 days:

The sun is shining, the gods are smiling. The dust has settled. The cards have fallen. The figs have laid. Ok, I made up that last cliche. However you put it, everything is as it should be.

I just said goodbye to Chris, a lovely blonde woman who was here on behalf of the moving company hired to ship my few belongings overseas. The company was chosen for the safety of the transport of my beloved piano.

Earlier today, Lourdes (my very old friend and roommate from 1998-2000) and her baby Calvin visited with me on my orange sofa. We wandered the neighbourhoods strolling to lunch at Grand Central Bakery.

Yesterday, my closing date was moved to October 13th at 5:00PM due to the Columbus Day holiday on Monday. A true godsend, as movers were just finalised in the last day. With all the stops and starts and other things, every single thing hinged on another and somehow they have all connected together. Nicely.

SO HERE IS THE FINAL FINAL FINAL SCHEDULE (of which I could not speak until just now.)

Mon 12 Oct: sign papers to close on house
Tues 13 Oct: movers arrive at 8AM and pack up; closing at 5:00PM
Wed-Sat 14-17 Oct: take it easy and see friends
Sun 18 Oct: fly out to Germany NWA
#226 Portland to Minneapolis 8:29AM-1:50PM
#310 Minneapolis to Amsterdam 3:10PM-6:30AM arrive 19 Oct
#8283 Amsterdam to Nuremburg 8:40AM-9:55AM (KLM)

Remember all, I have a TWO BEDROOM, TWO BATHROOM apartment in BAVARIA with a WASHER AND DRYER. PLEASE COME AND VISIT. I promise I will bake you cookies and talk your ear off if you grace my threshold.

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Anonymous said...

Hehehehe - you will possibly be sorry you invited us AND will bake cookies for us. We have all the time in the world in this lovely stage of retirement? At least we can't just "pop in" without prior approval.
Things always seem to work out how they were supposed to.
love, auntie dj and unkie jr
ps it also seems like you must have lucked out and had the 2 day cold like me.