Sunday, October 25, 2009

Possible car and First Volksmarch

Mini car, for 2800Euros with 48,000km on it. Considering it, along with others.

It's not fancy but it would be good enough to get around for now and if I found my "dream car" I could buy it later on at a more leisurely pace. I think the cold winter weather is going to be prohibitive to bicycling to work from town even.

Onto the more exciting photodocumentation:
My Very First Volksmarch.
What is a Volksmarch? It's a dying pasttime of German folks- walking clubs arrange walks all over the country (and other countries) of varying lengths where you can drink beer and eat or just do the walk. Today I went with Ryan from Arizona, who works in the administrative building with Bernie. We did the 20km walk, through the German countryside and towns. It was a perfect fall day for it, with just a light mist of rain at the end of our walk.

The first checkpoint- at each station, you have to get your little card stamped to prove that you did the whole walk, then can keep track of it in a booklet.

Some German people doing the walk. They sure are fit compared to Americans.

Shed on our walk. With a crop I don't know!

Our first split.

The guy who tells you which way in case you can't read I guess. He didn't seem to want his picture taken.

More Germans walking. With nice vines on the side.

They are serious with their solar panels here!

A German hunting tower. Ryan said that they are only allowed to hunt from these towers- no on the ground hunting.

Slipped one in there from New Zealand! Just pretend those red roofs aren't there. I think the sheep were smaller in NZ.
My first German gnome sighting. Surely not the last.
Arrival into town after the end of our walk.


Josh and Molly said...

Looks like the walk was fun! I'd like to do that (although my stinkin' body wouldn't be up to it right now). I like the little car too, it's cute!

geekdave said...

Wait a drove a german VW while you were in the states. Now that you're in Germany, you're gonna get a dinky little Ford?? Haha!

Sara J. Schultz said...

Good point Dave. I'm still tempted by the VWs but the 10K price difference is making the ford look happier. Heh. Depends how it is when I drive it. :)

DAJ said...

Hup 2-3-4!!! Love the gnome the best of all. I think we rented a little Ford like that in Europe once - it enables one to pack light and be agile and flexible for one's age!
Halten marschieren weiter
liebe, auntie dj