Monday, October 19, 2009

First day in Vilseck

It's 6:11AM. I got up at 5:30AM, not too shabby for the first day. Last night, I lasted til about 8:15PM before I crashed asleep.

My pension. It's only a three room place. The owners are wonderful- greeted me with tea and stollen when I arrived. While I was walking around town, the husband re-assembled my boxed-up bike. He also works on base and bikes to work every morning at 7am, so tomorrow I'm going to ride with him. (By the way, they have all separate bike paths, so I won't be sharing the road with cars.) Today, someone is picking me up so I can get all my IDs, APO box and other paperwork done.
It's a little odd waking up alone in a room after five days at Carrie's, knowing that I'm somewhere on the other side of the world. I may try to move to a place which has more rooms later, for social interaction purposes, but most places were booked when I rang.
I wandered around on base a bit yesterday with the man who picked me up. I feel that I won't be hanging out there too much. "The Economy" is much nicer to be in. Most people speak German (duh, it's Germany). In fact, I spoke almost all German to everyone when I was not on base. It's surprising what I remember, considering I took German at UND in 1996-97.
My room has satellite TV. I realised already that I'm not gonna be a TV watcher. It only took one day. I had thought that I'd try to watch more TV over here. Alas, no.

Vilseck, the town that the base is on. Weather's crisp, but not cold. It's a very small town. No snow anywhere in Germany that I saw flying in. (It must have melted.)

If you take a left at the end of this street by the tall yellow and green houses, that's where I'm staying.

Walking around town all afternoon yesterday- lovely.

I even made it to the countryside.

In town Vilseck actually.
My old basement with all the stuff that's on it's way in my container.
OK I realise I'm not a morning writer. This stuff is a little dry. Drink your coffee and wake up! That's what I'm off to do.

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