Saturday, October 17, 2009

A most unlikely tale of finding a [possible] job

I wrote this on 8/22/2009, but then reconsidered posting it - and thought I'd wait until I actually had the job.

It all started with a posting for a job opening at WalMart in Eugene, Oregon. A posting I found while looking for fill-in work in Oregon. I thought I could pay off all my loans if I worked at WalMart for a while, even though I'm not so sure about the place. I googled "Walmart optometry job Eugene" and ended up finding a posting for an opening as a civilian optometrist in Vilseck(Veel-sick) Germany, twenty-five miles from the Czech border, in the Bavaria region.
I contacted the company who was contracted by the US Army to fill the position. They were looking for a start date in October 2009 and said a contract package would be out in a few weeks. This is the first time there's been a full-time opening as a civilian optometrist in the Europe division.

I'd sort of forgotten about the job while traveling Minnesota and North Dakota, attending endless family reunions, not wanting to get my hopes up. After my travels, I arrived home in Minot at my mom's house. The next day, she opened the front door. There was a UPS package for me with all the Germany information.

I started the application process, which involved eighty-three pages mailed to me, one hundred mailed back. Yes, I counted. You know I like math.


This morning my mom called at 7:38AM. I don't normally get up until ten, so this was essentially the middle of the night for me.

She said, Tim called this morning to talk to you. Tim is John 's brother, the one who I used to date in college and after Keith died."

In my grogginess, I was utterly confused about what was happening. "Did he call tomorrow?" I asked. No, that's not the right word.

She said, "You better have some coffee, start singing and call him back."

I started to grind my coffee and prepare my morning medication. After gulping two Americanosdown and singing "On Eagle's Wings" at my dining room table, I placed the call to North Dakota about a job in Germany.

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