Tuesday, November 24, 2009


"The more you do what you want," says Santa Fe artist Erika Wanenmacher, "the more magic happens."

Is that really true?

Or is it being self-centered? What is it to be true to yourself? And to your heart?

I struggle with the internal battle between pleasing others and pleasing myself. I know I'm not happy if everything I do is for myself, but I don't feel very authentic when I'm doing things out of pity or guilt either. Neither way is the best.

I think sometimes life is a messy tornado of emotions which swirl around me. I'm in the middle calm and detached at times and at others, caught up in the flying debris.

I like being independent. I like being needed. I like the swirl and the calm. I'm a planner and a free spirit. Dichotomy suits me.

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