Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Computer evilness

Today I finally got computer access. It's been three weeks, two days since my arrival. However, sometime before I arrived the computer went missing (stolen) from my office, and the replacement computer in my office doesn't seem to want to grant me (or anyone) access, so I have access and no computer that works. We've opened our schedules for Monday morning. I hope I can chart. I have a class tomorrow and if my computer is not functioning on Friday, there will be hell coming from our department. Or I will just turn on my daze face and plow through the week.

It's frustrating, as all the stuff I need to do revolves around the computer. But. What can I do?

I'm excited to start seeing patients- real interactions with people should be pleasing I think. I have a feeling as a single female optometrist, it might be a little interesting also- I've been versed by another young woman what to expect and what to watch out for. The male-female ratio on the base is definitely a factor... It's entertaining at least. I think I can handle myself just fine.

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