Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hooptie. Exposed.

Are you ready to see this? Sara's junker #2. It drives great and heats up in about 5 seconds flat. And it's UGLY. Isn't there a song about getting an ugly wife and then you'll be happy the rest of your life? Do you think it's the same with a car? I was thinking perhaps my car might be improved if I went to the Px and found one of those self-screw-on rear what do you call them? That thing you put on the trunk to help with airflow? Oh, someone help me here. Please let me know what accessories you think I need to really make this a pimpin' mobile. Love from Germany...

Hey, this is my commute to work. Nicht schlect.

First glimpse of the beauty of the BMW. Check out the four horn buttons. (I cut one off, very sorry.)

The shifter. Note the dual heat controls, and fog lights up and to the left of the Sony stereo. That thing to the right of the stereo is thermostat that tells the outside temp. Unfortunately it seems be stuck at -30.0 which I think is wrong. Oh there's rear defrost, too. Fancy.

The cinnamon-sugar scent really makes the car, or so I've been told. Doesn't cinnamon help control diabetes by stabilising blood sugar? I think it's helping me to stave off type II. I'm sure.

Here she is. Tinted pimpster windows. And the missing gas cap. (Which Stanley's 2-year-old neighbor pulled off two days before he sold it.)

From the front. A little rust on the front but it's still a BMW. I own a BMW. For your info, in the background is the guy who comes by on Saturdays and sells potatoes out of his truck to the locals. There's also a guy who comes in a truck to sell baked goods- buns, pretzels, etc.
This morning before I went to the gym, I stopped at the bakery down the street to have a coffee and ran into a couple who met at Minot Air Force Base. (He was stationed there and she was a Nodaker.) A few minutes later, in walked Elizabeth and Elsa who I work with in the clinic so I slid over to their table for a few minutes. It's a small community, very loving and open. By the way, I said to the woman from North Dakota that this area of Germany really reminds me of North Dakota, and she fully agreed. (If anyone wants to move over let me know, and I'll do everything I can...)


geekdave said...

You mean one of dem darn wing doohickies called a spoiler??

Sara J. Schultz said...

Thank you. Still working on the car vocab!