Friday, November 6, 2009

Buying gas

This morning I spent with one of my assistants, Specialist Rhodes. She was trained in ophthalmology and has come with high regards from all the other optometrists in the area. There was quite a lot of shock all around from the events at Fort Hood in Texas this morning. Since I still don't have computer access at work and live off post, I hadn't heard by the time I reached work.

It's funny business working in the military but not being military. It's sort of like infiltrating the group, but having no what it really means to go through all the training they did. The benefits of the military are pretty decent, especially since I didn't have to join to get them.

However, this afternoon I spent nearly two hours getting a gas card and trying to buy gas. There were just lots of people in line. I thought, "So we're saving money with this, but all the time it's taking. What a waste." Then I guess life is just time, and is time in line really wasted? An existential question for a mundane activity, but it's what I was thinking as I waited in line to pay for my gas.

The whole proceeding went like this... I bought the car yesterday. I had it inspected (which is good for one year), registered it, and then had to wait 24 hours for it to get into the system so I could apply for a gas card. Today, I then went to the furniture store (not a typo) to get my gas (ration) card. The line wasn't particularly long, but it took about forty minutes or more to get to the front, where I was issued a card which allows me to buy 200 litres of gas per month at a subsidised rate, which is $3.10 per gallon at this time. It varies by week. Next I had to go to the front register, wait in line again to add money onto my card so that if I'm out on the economy (meaning Germany) I can purchase gas at the subsidised rates as long as I use an Esso.

I figured I should get some gas. Since I had the card. I got to the station. Pulled up on the wrong side of the car. And went to show my ID, gas card and car registration to the gas station attendent. There was a line. After I showed my IDs, I moved my car to the other side and waited as a man with a Smart car washed his windows (not bothering to move the car even though he was done filling up). Finally after filling my tank ($35 for 45 litres), I stood in line again to pay, where I had to swipe both my gas card and my debit card to pay for the gas. Now you understand how it took me two hours to fill my tank for the first time.

In other news, I've returned to the gym and took up running after one year off post-sick-Auckland-marathon. It feels good and I want to run every day, but I'm making myself ease into it. I may try another marathon yet. It's good to know I haven't lost my love for running. I thought I had! Perhaps the Prague Marathon will call to me. I wonder if they have kolaches at the finish line? Well at least there's a Turkey Trot at the end of November. I know I can handle that.

The pretesting room in my office. And our in/out board. I didn't write my name on there but I approve. :)

That's Bernie in the bakery by my pension where we used to meet before work before I got my hooptie.

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