Friday, November 13, 2009

End of week FOUR

I guess it takes four weeks to in-process since Monday I'll start to see patients. Yesterday we had a class detailing a few more items on the intro-to-BMEDDAC orientation extravaganza. (BMEDDAC is just the Bavarian medical group.) Which means we learned something about the importance of personal communication skills, how to deal with the media and things which they look into when you're being assessed for security clearance, among other things.

There's a small group of various providers on the surge team- which means that we help the soldiers get ready for deployment or return from a tour of duty with health checks and what-not. I think it's probably a lot of form-filling but it'll break up the monotony of daily optometry.

Since it's Friday, I feel like I should be thinking of what sort of trip to take over the weekend. As if I could just sit on my butt and relax. I think that's against the laws of Sara. I'm not sure yet what the weekend entails. With a mid-week holiday, I feel like it's too early for Friday, but I'm not complaining.

Next week is a regular week and then the following is Thanksgiving, so only three days. My shippers called and said that my things were due to dock on the 23rd and will be delivered on the 30th, which iI the Monday post-turkey-day. I'm allowed 48 hours after the arrival of my goods to get the household set up.

That's the end of the logistical update. Cheers.

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