Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Fortune and love befriend the bold." -Ovid

I've had people tell me that my life looks lucky. It might. But I know that a lot of things I've done were hard work, and things always look simpler from the outside. I guess I'd say my life is blessed, in that I've got a wonderful set of family and friends and I can't complain about the cards I was given. They were pretty good. I also know that I decided to live my life more boldly about five years ago. And so since then, I've felt more alive than I have since I was a kid. It's a freedom to feel bold, to feel alive and authentic.

This first stage of life in Germany has been magical. I've made so many new friends of all ages who I honestly like. No one is creepy time-filler. (Yes, I've had those in my past life.) No one seems to want anything of me other than a friendship. It so fills me up.

This Saturday, I went shopping in a little town called Neustadt, near the border of Czech, with John (the guy whose apt I'm taking over). On the way back, he took me to Flossenb├╝rg, where there's a castle on the hill and remnants of a concentration camp with museum in town. Being slightly MR, I forgot my camera. So you'll just have to imagine what I saw. The museum was harrowing, the castle mystical.

Today was my second Volksmarch with my Crazy Volksmarching Friend Ryan. He goes on Saturday and Sunday most weekends. With the fog we had this morning, I half expected to see a gnome wander out of the vine rows. In the 3-4 hour 12 mile walk, we had three checkpoints, all with free hot broth and the last with walnuts in the shell. It feels like the eve of the holiday season.

Statues in Vilseck near my pension.

Vilseck side street off the Church. I love the colors of the buildings.

Last weekend, they had a big festival in town where they brought this in on a tractor with a band playing as they paraded through the streets to the church, where they carved and set this up in celebration of the upcoming holidays.

Volksmarch #2

I took this for the bicycle sign. The fog didn't hurt either.

I might post this sign on my forehead.

The Artful Garden Protector. Now you know what to do with all that scrap metal and solder gun you have sitting around.

My favorite nut- Walnut! I cracked this nut by hand. One gets very strong fingers flipping dials all day.

Joyful worship of the walnut. (In the last checkpoint.)

Hey, shouldn't we have these on the lakes in MN? Do they mean one-way waterskiing?

Crazy Volksmarch Man, Ryan, from Arizona.

Reading the dictionary- the perfect completion to the day.

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Dawn said...

I'm so glad to hear you are having a great time. Looks lovely! Miss you!