Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inclinations on Socializing

Tomorrow morning before work there's a run. A Yellow Ribbon family fun run at 6:30AM. Registration starts at 4:30AM. This army thing is not for the faint of morning- a class to which I most definitely belong. My colleague (the chief of optometry) asked me yesterday if I wanted to run. I thought, like I want to roll out of bed early and start running and then go to work, am I crazy? But there's free coffee and hot chocolate. So perhaps.

After deep contemplation last night, I decided it would be nice if I ran. So I will. Today I received an e-mail from Specialist Sargent. Yes, his last name is Sargent. More than confusing for someone with the feeble military knowledge that I possess. He said the clinic group can meet at 5:30AM and we can all run together. Fun! (Not.) But I'm going. I hope no one notices that I'm a monster in the morning. I'll try not to talk. I mean growl.

Friday afternoon brings more socializing with colleages. Thanksgiving dinner. At 13:00. In the clinic. The physical therapy receptionist asked if I wanted to join and bring a dish. I thought, how am I going to cook without a kitchen? And do I really want to start the potlucks? Should I be social or antisocial with my coworkers? So I said, "I don't know if I can come." (Like what else would I be doing? Polishing my Hooptie?)

I reflected. I'm here to be part of the group. I'm here to make friends, socialize and belong. I'm not here to be an island. The contractors have a funny position because we're not military, nor government employees. There are things that we're left out on. Some contractors feel this is very excluding of them. I haven't developed an opinion on it yet but I've decided that I am here to part of things, not to watch. So I'll be in the Yellow Ribbon Run and I'll make a vegetarian delicacy for the Thanksgiving dinner. Even if it is just cauliflower and hummus.


Sara J. Schultz said...

The run was good. I thought I'd die when I woke up. And I was the only civilian in our clinic to show. (So I looked good!) There were a ton of people and music playing. Not bad for 5:30AM.

DAJ said...

Apparently you didn't die! I bet you looked like a real runner too. Great that all those people showed up at that time.
I think you should do the potluck thing - always nice to meet new people. Gl├╝cklich Pilger Tage! - Best I could do for the upcoming holiday.