Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Post-California Blues

Just two days ago, I was basking in the southern California warmth with my mom. We'd spent six days in the San Diego area, where it's as California feeling as I'd ever imagined.

We rented a little elephant grey Chevy HHR and drove all over San Diego, leisurely as if it were North Dakota. There's few people on the roads and everything sort of runs together nicely.

The first day we stayed in Old Town, which is touristy, and woke up early for breakfast before wandering around town through Mission Beach and lunching in Balboa Park. The heat was sweltering even in the shade, so we decided to head up the California coast.

Meandering along the coastline, we saw people laying on the sand, riding their bikes and appearing to live the easy life. I didn't even know people lived like that anymore. We stopped in the town of Carlsbad for the night and headed further up the coast the following morning, accidentally ending up in Laguna Beach. In both towns, we met ladies from California who were unassuming, open, interesting, and real.

The last three nights we spent in La Jolla, where I had an optometry continuing education event. The education was mediocre, but it served its purpose. Our favorite place in San Diego was Coronodo Island, with its 1888 hotel, shops and beaches. Not to mention the bridge to get there or the road on strand to return. Gorgeous and peaceful is how I'd sum up San Diego.
Returning to Portland, the weather was cold, rainy and about 60. I had to turn the heat on yesterday. I just could not warm up after all those hot days in California...

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