Friday, September 11, 2009

House for Sale! Final photos.

By the way, these are way out of order, but I can't be bothered with rearranging them today. The official RMLS posting is: HERE. Use number 9071807.

The Evil FIVE yards of mulch that I shoveled! While mulching for the six hundreth hour in a row, I banged my head on the overhang on the side of the house, had a mild nervous breakdown which lasted ten minutes and then was over. I may never order mulch again.

The piano that mom sewed 1200 fake cabbage patch kids to buy when I was 9 will be going with me to Germany. I'm allotted 4000 pounds to ship there and back so Nana Kathy suggested, "Why not take it?"

That's the giddyup chair in the corner from New Zealand. It will ROCK your world. Picked out with Molly and Josh when they visited me in Parnell, Auckland.

Hand painted table and chairs highlighting the blindingly shiny floors. (Thanks for the tip, mom!)

Second hand bed and headboard gift/borrow from Carrie Ann.

My first piece of real art. Bought with Shanta at the Salem art fair.

Where you can sit down and throw back a few...

Ha, ha I have a built-in coffee shop. Just kidding! It's the Fresh Pot on Albina.

New light fixture was NOT a joy to install but repainting the chalkboard on the island was!

The evilness of repainting the bathroom. The joy of the clawfoot!

Grandma's needlework highlights the freshly painted risers.

Mud-colored second bedroom which shockingly will hold a Queen bed.

Where the pears commit suicide.

My old bedroom painted in the compulsory "Beach Glass by Martha Stewart" color.

Bad picture of the side yard where you can go for a contemplative stroll.

11 bags of yard waste plus one 55 gallon bin and one 32 gallon bin. (Fig suicide tree in foreground.)

Lucky horseshoe on the front porch.

Can you tell I repainted the front door?

Big-ass shiny basement and my beautiful orange bicycle.

My two favorite possessions. Man, I recommend these. Totally worth your cash. They are from 2001, still totally charming and going to be loved by Carrie while I am in Germany.


lourdes said...

That is simply impressive. My goodness, you do good work. And, I can't believe that it only took you a week. Maybe we should hire you to fix up our house.

Sara J. Schultz said...

Ha ha, thanks. But I nearly lost what little was left of my mind in the process. I do like fixing up houses though. It's a bit of a drug to me!