Friday, September 18, 2009

Drowning in paperwork and life

I'm filling out yet another fifty-three pages. Yes, fifty-three.

So exhausted from paperwork, house sales, other personal problems which I will not state here, that I wonder sometimes how I am going to get through the day or the night or the morning for that matter.

I had a partially bald man come to give me a bid on shipping my belongings to Germany this morning. I'm allotted 4,000 pounds. They estimate I'll have about 2,500. That's including the small piano, which is the bulk of my weight.

Today I was sitting at the piano, trying to calm myself by letting my fingers glide over the keys. It didn't really do the trick. I think vodka would've worked better. But it was nice anyway.

When I'm done with all this, I'll write several interesting posts on pursuing overseas employment, renters, and house sales. But until the cards have fallen, my lips are mum.

Please send good vibes my way if you have time and inclination.

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