Friday, September 11, 2009

Few little fun pics

A most beautiful quilt I saw in the window in McMinnville. Anyone want to make this for me?

The couch that makes into a bed for those of you who'll be visiting me in Germany. It's only a full. And it's FIRM. But I think just fine.

If you wanted to see the most beautiful bike in the world, here it is. And it's mine!

Breakfast. Made by me. Yummm.

The flyer for my house. Not too shabby. Did you know that my house has a walk score of 91? No wonder I don't have a car!

Me on working holiday in McMinnville. Even looked professional. Amazing.


Auntie DJ said...

The quilt looks like a perpect project for your Mom!!!!
Nice bike but I like the fat seat on my city cruiser!
love, auntie dj

Auntie DJ said...

oops I meant perfect project! This error after my harping on spelling errors is not acceptable:)
Auntie dj

Sara J. Schultz said...

Heheh. The Spelling Nazi gets stung! :)

My butt is still sore two days after a three hour ride. Maybe I need a padded seat, yes?