Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two days of evil rain.

I'm at my second home, The Flying Cat coffeehouse, about a half block from my house (using wifi). I've been doing the 16-18 hour days of working til my fingers bleed and brain's asphyxiated from the paint odors. (Not all my paint is low VOC so I'm probably getting progressively dull-minded as I work on my house.)

This morning I thought it looked like sun, so I painted the window ledges outside. Oops. Rain. Hence my mental vacation from house-repair at the Flying Cat- trying not to think about the four yards of mulch gathering weight on my driveway.

The second cup of coffee is kicking in and I'm finally waking up.

I've learned a few things in the last week: (this is NOT sarcasm)
1. I love working on houses.
2. I love manual labor.
3. I love playing my piano.

Oh, and I'm quite surprised at all the things I can do. I forgot how handy I was in the house. It's a nice feeling.

Happy LABOUR Day.

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