Thursday, September 24, 2009

California Dreamin'

Three days into my California excursion, I can't say that I'm more calm or truly on vacation, but I'm distracted and I'm not sitting in Portland waiting to see what happens next, so I guess that is all positive.

My mom came down and met me from North Dakota, so we tooled around the Southern California coast for the first two days, meeting several very nice California ladies in the towns of Carlsbad and Laguna Beach before heading back to La Jolla, where I've got three days of optometry continuing education scheduled. The first day of class was okay, mostly a bit dull, but some interesting aspects and I've come away knowing more than when I started.

Yesterday, I received a call from the Germany job regarding a physical form that needs to be completed. The stream of paperwork in this job appears to be endless, causing me to wonder sometimes what will truly happen with it. Though before I left, I met with two sets of movers to obtain quotes for shipping my 2800 lbs of belongings overseas. So that is promising.

I won't update status on the house sale just yet, only to say that closing is scheduled for October 12th. After that day occurs, I will file a full report on the fantastically horrible experience of the repossession and sale.

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