Friday, September 4, 2009


Last night, I decided that I needed to make a list of all I've accomplished since regaining possession of my house on Sept 1st.

(to do still in green)
: repaint all walls, wash ceiling and touch up, repair cabinet door, wash floors, fix faucet
Kitchen: touch up paint walls, doors, wash curtains & rehang, remove light fixture and replace, fix drawer in island, touch up door, wash & wax floor, clean appliance doors with stainless steel cleaner
Living/dining room: touch up paint walls and ceiling, wash floors, remove light fixture and replace, hang picture, clean piano, shine floors
Parlor: repair storm door, repaint entire room, wash floors, shine floors
Main floor bedroom: touch up paint walls, wash floors, touch up baseboard, shine floors, stage room, hang pictures,
Stairwell: repaint all risers, wash stairs, touch up paint walls, repair gouges & touch up ceiling, repaint railing
Master bedroom: touch up paint walls, wash walls, wash floor, shine floor
Second bedroom: touch up paint walls, wash floors, shine floor
Basement: wash floors, wash floors again, touch up floors, touch up walls, organise stuff from storage area
Exterior: paint front stairs, wash railings on back porch, touch up paint outside upper windows
Yard: trim bushes, pick up fallen fruit, trim trees, haul away waste, mulch garden areas, pull weeds, mow yard, scrape next to driveway
Misc: Pick up saddle oil/stain for chair, pick up small sideboard from downtown


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the worst is over and now need to do the June Cleaver thing of "wash and shine" right? Then clean up the yard.
I checked out the Giddyup chair and your fave fans Alex and Lucy would LOVE it!
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick sale and a smooth transfer to Deutscheland.
love, auntie dj (your fellow traveller)

Edward said...

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