Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Technology woes

I'm in the ACS (Army Community Services) using the computer, as it's the only place I can access my email accounts since the army has blocked all the non-army emails accounts as well as facebook, blogs, etc. But you can still shop as much as you want online. Go figure. Since I conducted all my correspondence on gmail and yahoo for this job and everything else, this is a considerable irritation. Also since the Gods don't seem to want me to get internet or phone at home, I am really in a black hole of connectivity.

However, with the soon-to-be purchase (that's next on my list today) of an analogue phone, I should be semi-available. And perhaps the internet situation will be cleared up this evening as well. But don't hold your breath for any of it. Unless you wish to die. Then go right ahead.

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