Sunday, December 13, 2009

I got it all put away! (Almost.)

Warm up with a few photos from Heidelberg. Yes, another Christmas market!

Introducing my own Christmas tree, which I set up the very first day my shipment arrived:
The view out my windows: (across the street). Yep, snow finally arrived. Yesterday!

Hi from the bathroom. Ya, I'm still in my pajamas, but I'm waving! And you see that nice butt washer in the corner? I'm gonna start saving the environment and use that one of these days, or else maybe I should wash my hair in it?

Massive happy tub, yet to be christened.

The bedroom. A serene setting for every night.

For some odd reason there's a hallway to a window just next to the bathroom. Since German houses have no closets, it seems like a good place to hide my massive shoe, coat, hat & mitten fetishes.
To the right of that above hallway is the second bathroom.

Piano arrived intact - perfect actually- but is getting more out of tune with each coming day as it acclimates.

From the other side. I inherited that backbreacking TV from John, the previous tenant. I have watched it once. PS the couch folds down.

Patio. Damn cold right now.
The tree in it's natural setting with my two Rapunzel windows. My pet cat is in the right corner. And liquor cabinet on the left. (Patio is out the door to the right.)
Kitchen. There IS a dishwasher and fridge, they just are covered with cabinets.

The light fixture is nearly the same size as my terribly romantic mini table. Which I painted myself.

Ok. Enough kitchen. Only one person can visit at a time.

ENOUGH FOR NOW. I forgot the front of the house! Another day.
I am still struggling with internet access. Hopefully this week it will be tied up.

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nice television!!!