Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's the smallest pleasures here that make my day.

Last night, I called Deutsche Telecom to see if DSL was available in my apartment. This required several conversations (if you can call them that) in Deutsch and two phone calls. I found out that DSL is not available, and by the end of the phone conversation, the man on the other line was saying "Schones Tag" and more. We were laughing, I was apologising for my Deutsch and everything felt good, even though I appear to live in the boonieland of low cell phone reception and no DSL.

I was thrilled when I hung up the phone and got something done.

Shortly afterward, our sweet little German cleaning lady came in and started chatting. She thinks I have good German skills. Which I'll tell you having any German skills qualifies "good" to the locals.

Even just writing about this and remembering it makes me laugh and feel breathless.

What is it about speaking in another language?

I've discovered that I'm rather literal minded, word-minded (even though I thought I was only good at math-science person when I was younger) and of course, love learning. So the language high shouldn't be that surprising.

Simple communication. Such a small thing to bring so much pleasure. Yet it is the core of our being- connection with other beings. Most likely, the most important part of our existence here.

Germany is filled with simple pleasures. I am drinking them all in.

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