Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Doesn't everyone need two cars?

How did I go from zero to two in just two months?

Factor in:

I was supposed to be working only here in Vilseck with a ten minute commute. Circumstances have changed; now will be traveling a bit more around Germany (and perhaps Italy) than I'd expected.

Second, one alternator going out on the way home from the gym scare in the pitch black of the night puts a little fire under one's pattoey. (This is the 4th car that I was driving that had the alternator go out. The second in less than 6 months.)

Third, it was in my plan anyway to get a newer car within three months. I just am so overachieving that I did it in less than two.

Fourth, this car is damn fun to drive and it's aqua blue.

Oh, and I'm keeping the hooptie for a while, just in case. Company can tool around in it. I can park it at the train station...


Dee J. said...

Love it - wonder how it would look in the 12-20 inches of snow expected here in Minne-so-da. Italy would be fun - any idea where you might work? The world is our oyster, isn't it?:)
love and hugs for Christmas, Auntie DJ

lourdes said...

Cars are like purses, you need different one to match your mood and the event. :) I love the new car.

geekdave said...

Would've been better had it been the classic Mini. But what do I know, I like old cars.

Congrats on the new Mini. It looks really spiffy in the snow.