Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dresden New Years

After work today, I hopped in my aqua speed demon and zoomed (literally was going mostly 90 but up to 120, so fun!) to Dresden. I wandered around the city for a while before checking into my sweet little pension room. Navigation went okay even without a navigation unit. I had to stop in the info center for a little help, but I had such a good time there that I think human interaction is still something we should not disqualify.

The pictures are all of downtown Dresden- Alde Stadt. (Old City.)

Sometimes I have to leave home to rest and I realised after getting here, that is exactly what I am doing.

Love to all in this new year...

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Dee J. said...

Wow - that is absolutely beautiful and now I am even more envious - however I can easily transport myself mentally to lots of places in the world.
Auntie dj