Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Markets -Nuremberg mostly

He was the cutest little Santa man. With an instrument that I'd steal! :) Just kidding. No really, I would steal it.

I remember I was deathly afraid of the ferris wheel when I was a kid. Maybe not this one.

Best way to eat corn.

Double decker.

So much junk for sale. But it was pretty. Didn't buy anything.

Pretty ornaments. Funny lady.

I was thinking about putting this tree on my Christmas cards, but I'm using glitter and whatnot instead.


In the coffeeshop, contemplating life. As usual.

Ordering Gluhwein solves all the world's problems. (There was a fire too.)

Amberg. Just a tad smaller. Do you have a magnifying glass?

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Dee J. said...

Pictures are stunning! Would you let me follow you around with my camera so I could do as well??? Where next? Love, auntie dj