Monday, February 15, 2010

How to look good in front of a camera

It was called something like "looking good in front of a camera." You'll notice when you get to the bridal pictures, everyone was licking their lips prior to the photo, before the advent of lipgloss? Comical and distrubing was the section on making children smile and pose. After watching this and reflecting on my own experiences, I felt that I would never subject my child to professional portraits! Of course being without child, I can say these sorts of things.


Anonymous said...

First and last my favorites - can't stop laughing - I have similar ones in my stash of old family photos - really old. Do you think these people are alive in the photos????
love, auntie dj with the warped sense of humor

Sara J. Schultz said...

Haha we had a professional pic like the first too, we called it "dysfunctional family photo" -- always thought we should have sent that out at christmas- it was the most honest of all the pics ever taken... :) If my mom scanned it and emailed it to me, I'd post it here. You could prob pee your pants then!