Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bratislava, Slovakia

Last goodbye to Budapest; the view from my hotel room balcony.

Surprise!! Slovakia and Hungary look like... NORTH DAKOTA! They even really only had trees in shelterbelt lines. Very funny.

Driving into Bratislava.

Old town square. All the pics that follow I took while wandering around town. I drove from home on Friday to Budapest, via Vienna, and on Monday when I returned, I came back through Bratislava, Slovakia, Brno, Czech and hit a little traffic passing Prague. It sounds like I made it up, but no.

The nicest pink building I've ever seen.

People need glasses everywhere.

This is one of the city towers. Do you see the the cannon ball? Remnant from Napoleon invasion days.

Here's Napoleon, a sculpture from the 1990's.



Lastly, you can see McD's is still everywhere. When will we learn? Mystery meat is sketchy!
Take on Bratislava:
It was good for a few hours stop- it's small- I don't think you'd need much more than that. Unless you were crazy museum person (Shanta). Slovakia was the second European country to get to use the Euro (in 2009) behind Slovenia. Maybe it had something to do with the similar name? The average yearly salary here is around $8000 US. I'd like to come back to the countryside sometime.

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Ross said...

According to Alex Jones you must call it Old McDonald's as in The Farm! Wonderful pictures - travelling is the best therapy for opening doors. See you in a couple weeks. Love, Auntie dj