Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun with hair dye plus work

Evidence that I'm an optometrist AND a redhead. Watch out world! Redheads are fiery, so now I have more excuses to be a problem child. (Sorry, any of you authentics out there.) Thanks, Clariol! Thanks, Pacific! Thanks, mom! (Just threw that one in there.)

It came out WAY darker than this, and required a heavy application of Head and Shoulders to reduce the shock value. Which I might note, smells not like a beautiful flower- try the combo of hairdye remnant plus H&S. I promise you will keep people away! :)

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Anonymous said...

Love the do - waiting for the Star Tribune column next Saturday on redheads - will forward it to you.
Enjoy Buda and Pest this weekend - wish I was there.
love, auntie dj